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~ One of the pedophile's comments on one of the murders he's committed

The Apartment Predator also known as The Pedophile is an unseen villain in Cry of Fear.


Before the events of the game, an unnamed man simply referred to as the Apartment Predator by the Cry of Fear community lived in an apartment complex where he tampered with the elevator to force the children of the complex to take the stairs, where he jumped out and kidnapped them before taking them to his apartment. He then preceded to rape, murder, and eat them, before hiding their mangled bodies in trash bags and admiring his work by taking pictures of their eaten raped corpses and posting them up on a wall and graphically commenting on each of his murders.

In the actual game, Simon wakes up wandering around an abandoned city where he's sent a text by an anonymous man to help him on the fourth floor of the apartment, the very same complex where the pedophile lived and performed his crimes. In his rescue, Simon finds notes from the pedophile detailing his murders, before being attacked by the deformed ghosts of young pedophile's victims. The pedophile is never spoken of again after reading his four notes.


3 little kiddies playing in the park. Said the first kiddie let's go home before it gets dark. The first two went on their marry way home. The third stayed playing. All alone. Come here child come to me! The bushes whispered sadly. They say curiosity killed the cat...
~ The pedophile's first note
Those little kiddies are so cute. They look so lovely! I just want to touch them... But then those parents come...That's why I have to kill them!
~ Second note
Now... as I need to kill some kiddies, I stuck the elevator in the hall. So only the personel can acces [sic] it by a secret code. I guess no kiddie will find that out, so they will just have to take the stairs.
~ Third note
This one was a GOOD one. Very nice to kill. Easy to cut with my knife, like cutting food.
~ Forth note


  • Judging from the number of pictures strung up on his wall, he's killed, raped, and eaten nine to ten children.