We will answer. We are the ultimate existence. You cannot resist us. You will join us.
~ The Aparoids speaking through Pigma

Aparoids (アパロイド) are a race of insect-like creatures that are part-machine, part-life form. From minor enemy units, to major bosses, they serve as the main antagonists in Star Fox: Assault.


The aparoids are mainly insect-like cybernetic creatures that come in an immense variety, all of which are connected together by a hive mind ruled by the queen.


The aparoid race live, fight, and reproduce in similar manners to ant or bee colonies. There are foot soldiers on the ground and in the air like ants. The Aparoid Queen is very similar to the enormous queens of both species as they are the source of reproduction and are found in tunnel like dwellings. The aparoid homeworld's decor and technologies are built in honeycombed or hexagon shaped patterns which bees are often associated with. They are drawn to large energy scources, like bees to nectar, seeking out lifeforms and technology to assimulate and add to their own ranks and territory. They are like a virus infesting the human body.


They have the ability to control other technology in a viral manner and are thus extremely lethal to anything that gets in their way. It takes the destruction (called "apoptosis" by Slippy's father Beltino Toad) of the aparoid queen for them to be entirely ridden. The aparoids were also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and climate environments, particularly severe blizzards. This was especially evident by their being active on Fichina after Pigma deactivated the climate control center, which prevented blizzards that otherwise rendered the planet uninhabitable. Aparoids can also survive in the vaccum of space, allowing their vast numbers to virtually overwhelm any enemy fleets.


Early Times

It is not exactly known how or when the species formed, or if they may be a mutated race. Their homeworld is outside of the Lylat System. The aparoid queen, who likely had a significantly longer lifespan than other organisms, may have created the species, as she can spawn more aparoids. By Beltino's account, about seventeen years prior the Aparoid Invasion, a moth-like aparoid came across a Cornerian Fleet and wiped it out leaving few survivors to witness, which alerted the Cornerian Army to the Aparoid's existence. However, nothing was done in defense, as no other known attacks were made on them by the Cornerian Army. The aparoids did not show themselves again, and went quiet for a time.

Aparoid Invasion

The aparoids then began to become an empire and starts the galactic conquest for the Lylat System.

Assault on Fortuna

A moth-like aparoid (assumed to be the same one that attacked the fleet) arrived at Fortuna, and revealed itself when he destroyed a slightly weakened version of Oikonny's flagship, who was leading the rebellion. The moth then did battle with the Star Fox team, but was killed. Its Core Memory was taken by the team right as the aparoids launched a full scale attack on the planet. The Cornerian Fleet recognized them and escaped, but the rebels were ignorant to the danger and all of them were killed, save Oikonny. Fortuna's natives, escaped and suffered very light casualties, but the fleet of aparoids had the planet occupied. Soon they struck with full force on the galaxy, capturing many planets on the way in vicious battles. The Cornerians reacted by hiring Star Fox to deal with the threat.

Failed defense on Katina

The aparoids then conquered Katina and captured its outpost, helping them in the battle. But Star Fox was notified of a distress signal coming from Katina, and was sent there by General Pepper to find the source. The aparoids attacked with many of their troops, but were unable to stop them, even with aparoid hatchers. The aparoids finally sent the leader of the invasion of Katina to the surface of the planet. The leader was destroyed by Fox, and its Core Memory was stolen by Pigma Dengar (the one who sent the distress signal) before Star Fox could claim it. The aparoids were driven off of Katina afterwards.

Failed defense on Fichina

The aparoids then conquered Fichina and captured the climate control center, eliminated the scientists stationed there, and with some unexpected help from Pigma, got the sentry bots turned into aparoids. But Fox intervened and were able to get the control center back on. The Sentry Bots attacked him, but were defeated by Falco. Pigma again gave some more unexpected help to the aparoids, by using the Core Memory to turn a piece of the center's generator into an aparoid, which would cause the center to explode if not beat fast enough. The aparoid was defeated, and it was soon driven out by Cornerian Soldiers.

Attack of Aparoid Pigma

The Cornerians discovered Pigma's whereabouts in Meteo, an asteroid belt, and were sent to capture him with Star Fox leading it. They were unaware that, due to Pigma's actions, the aparoids had began assimilating him and his base. The aparoids attacked with full force and used the assimilated prototype they captured on Fortuna against the team, but to no avail. They soon caught up with Pigma, who was just assimilated along with the base. The team defeated him and captured the Core Memory, earning Corneria a victory, with the bonus of Meteo.

Failed Invasion on Sauria

Just as Corneria was analyzing data from the Core Memory, the aparoids began to invade Sauria, because they were drawn to large energy sources shown by Sauria's dinosaur tribe's unmatched ability to survive. The natives fought back hard but were nearly defeated with certain tribes suffering heavy casualties. But Star Fox was sent to reinforce the Saurians and destroy the hatchers there causing the aparoids to retreat as a distraction for the invasion on Corneria.

Battle of Corneria

While Star Fox was on Sauria, an armada of aparoid ships came and nearly decimated the Cornerian Defense Force, and the aparoids quickly gained control of Corneria, assimilating many of the soldiers. Star Fox came to stop the aparoid invasion. After a long battle of fighting EMP radar jammers, Fox was trapped by several aparoids and was caught between assimilation or a gruesome fall to death, but in a turn of events, Wolf came to Fox's rescue and destroyed the aparoids surrounding Fox. After Star Fox and Wolf defeated a large number of air and land based aparoids, General Pepper's flagship flies in from over the ocean, having been infected by the aparoids. Fox was forced to fight him, and as Pepper was about to die, Peppy rescued him by stabilizing the fall trajectory with his Arwing. In Space the aparoids quickly learned of the invasion plans of their homeworld, and attempted to stop it by launching a full scale offense on the orbital gate. Beltino has discovered that the aparoids are vulnerable to apoptosis (they contain cells that are created for the purpose of self-destrucion) and if the self-destruct program are fired into the Aparoid Queen, all aparoids will self-destruct. Star Fox and Star Wolf assisted the Cornerians and seemed to hold back the aparoids' attacks. The aparoids then began launching missiles, which were launched repeatedly. After the missiles had been destroyed, the aparoids opened their own gate and launched a huge missile, which was also destroyed before it could achieve its goal of destroying more than just the gate.

Demise of the Aparoid Queen

After the Battle of Corneria he Cornerians launched an offensive on the planet with Star Fox leading the invasion, but the aparoids managed to reduce the Cornerian fleet by 20% and forced them to retreat. The aparoids had set up a shield to protect the way into the planet's core. Star Fox took out the generators and the team prepared to go into the planet solo, but the aparoids activated an auxiliary shield. However, as the Great Fox was under heavy attack by aparoids, Peppy and ROB presumably sacrificed themselves by ramming the ship into the shield, taking it down just long enough for the Star Fox Team to get through. The aparoids threw everything they had in desperation at Star Fox and the Star Wolf team, which had also some how gotten through the Aparoid's defenses, but were unable to stop Star Fox from entering the queen's lair with Star Wolf battling a group of aparoids that has previously blocked Fox from proceeding further. A fierce battle followed, with the queen using information from things it had absorbed to try and convince Starfox that the aparoids were not an enemy using the voices of his friends and father. Star Fox succeeded in launching the self-destruct Program into the queen, but she began suppressing it and tried to escape, which would allow it to create an antibody. Star Fox flew down and fought another battle with the queen and was able to set the program off. The aparoids, the queen, and their homeworld were wiped out by the explosion, causing the aparoids to become extinct.



  • Aparoid Crawler
  • Aparoid Dragoon
    • Advanced Aparoid Dragoon

Weapon based Aparoids

  • Aparoid Light Assault Tank
  • Aparoid Laser Turret
  • Aparoid Mortar
  • Aparoid Missile Launchers
  • Aparoid Roller
  • Radar Jammers
  • Aparoid hatchers
  • Sentry Bots
  • Aparoid Missiles
  • Shield Generator (Climate Control Center Generator)
  • Aparoid Fighters
    • Aparoid Razor
    • Aparoid Stingers
    • Aparoid Bomber


  • Aparoid Moth
  • Aparoid Walker
  • Aparoid Queen



  • The Aparoids appear to be based off the Borg from Star Trek. The Borg assimilate other life forms, and are all connected to their queen.
  • The Aparoids becoming an aggressive empire is similar to both the Galactic Empire and Andross's Empire.