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Apéritif is the villainous twin brother of Entrèe from Spliced! of the episode "Brothers in Farms" also the main antagonist. Unlike his brother who was made to be eaten, he was made to eat. He was frozen in a refrigerator but was thawed out by Entrèe and Peri. During his premiere episode, he acted as a nice guy, but secretly, without Entrèe knowing, he devoured everyone. Entrèe discovered the truth and tried to warn his friends, but they ended up being eaten by Apéritif. After he was defeated by Entrèe and the others he was put back into the refrigerator for his actions. (Brothers In Farms)

When Apéritif was defeated he looked like Entrèe with no skin.


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  • His name is French for "Appetizer".
  • Apéritif is voiced by Juan Chioran.

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