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Foolish woman... This is your reward for releasing me. I am allowing you to die at the hands of the man you love. Even though he is merely a puppet of the Hellspawn Lord, Aomizuchi!
~ Hiruko who finally summoned Aomizuchi with the sacrificed souls of Moritsune and Ageha.

Aomizuchi is one of the four Hellspawn Lords and a villain in the 2002 videogame Shinobi.


His true form is a demonic jade-green dragon, though a partial form of his true self is revealed when he continuesly possessed Moritsune.

Aomizuchi's Wrath

Aomizuchi along with his three fellow Hellspawn Lords were summoned by Hiruko Ubusuna to unleash an onslaught of Hellspawn monsters upon the the human world before they were all defeated at the hands of the Oboro Clan.

After the return of the Hellspawn Lords upon the mordern-day world, his spirit while his true form not yet revealed, possesses a ninja who attacks Hotsuma early in the game. He has a wound on his neck that glows and causes pain when he gets near Akujiki. He flees upon defeat in his first encounter with Hotsuma.

His true identity is eventually revealed to be Moritsune, Hotsuma’s dead brother. Aomizuchi is actually the fourth and final Hellspawn Lord, a dragon-like demon with the power over lightning, using Moritsune's body as a puppet.

Ageha was very happy after her betrayal to the Oboro Clan during Hiruko's return when the sorcerer resurrected her beloved, but she doesn't realized he was possessed the whole time by a certain Hellspawn. She died at the hands of the Moritsune whose body was then transmutated into the demonic possessor's true form. Hotsuma then fought Aomizuchi and won the fight. He set freed both the souls of his brother Moritsune and their best friend Ageha before he continued to avenge the deaths of the Oboro Clan and destroy Hiruko.



  • Aomizuchi's name contains the kanji 蒼(blue) and 蛟龍 (mizuchi) which is a dragon like Japanese mythological beast that is said to ascend to the heavens through rain.

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