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Aogiri Tree SoldiersAogiri Soldiers, or Soldier Ghouls, are the main military forces for the Aogiri Tree and are major recurring antagonists in the dark fantasy manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul. They are ghouls who have sworn allegiance to the One-Eyed King and want to make ghouls the top dominate species of the world.


Early Days

During their early days, Aogiri ghouls were just average ghouls hunting down humans until they heard of the One-Eyed King. They soon swarmed to him by the hundreds and began o swear allegiance to him as the ideology of ghoul supremacy had attracted them from all over world. These new ghouls had soon became the military forces of Aogiri.

Events of Tokyo Ghoul

During the events of the story, Aogiri soldiers are primarily seen in the 11th Ward usurping power and targeting Ghoul Investigators. They soon completely takeover the entire ward and establish their main headquarters at the location. Soon, Aogiri Tree soldiers are sent out in assist of Aogiri Executives such as Ayato Kirishima in search of Rize Kamishiro to either find and recruit her or kill her. When the C.C.G. had heard of the emergence of the Aogiri Tree, they had tracked down and located their hideout and sent thousands of soldiers into the 11th Ward with the intent of taking down Aogiri. Aogiri Tree soldiers and various other soldier ghouls had began to open fire on CCG Soldiers and had tried to stop them and prevent them from advancing. Although they failed, Aogiri was able to survive and eventually launched a massive prison raid on the Ghoul Detention Center in the 23rd Ward and were able to recruit thousands of untold soldiers.


Aogiri Ghouls wear large dark red robes with skull-like masks with red eyes and their bodies are completely covered by their robes. In :re, they have different masks with a white coloring over a blak lining over the eyes and the center of the face.


Members and soldiers of the Aogiri Tree are hardline ghoul supremacists who have sworn absolute allegiance to the One-Eyed King. They believe that ghouls are the dominate species and will make sure that it becomes a reality and that humanity is overthrown. They use all of their abilities to their advantage and the hardliners often go to great extents.

Powers & Abilities

Aogiri Tree soldiers are comprised of different ghouls with a diverse set of powers.

  • Kagunes: The various different kagunes that Aogiri soldiers have gives them an advantage as they often use them in combat and can kill large groups of humans very easily.
  • Firearms: Many soldier ghouls specialize in firearms and assault weapons like MP5s and use them when combating CCG Soldiers.

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