(She Hulk: Ceremony#1)- Aung-Ite was a powerful Native American spirit known to the Keewazi Indians. Manipulated by the mortal businessman Carlton Beatrice using totemistic objects, it was sent to battle the She Hulk to retrieve a sacred Keewazi basket but was defeated by her before obtaining its goal.

(She-Hulk: Ceremony#2)- Blackmailing the She Hulk for the basket, Beatrice took the soul of Wyatt Wingfoot in order to blackmail her into surrendering the basket. Giving in, the She Hulk handed over the basket as Beatrice used to take over the free minds of everyone in the world. He sent Anung-Ite to stall her as he completed her rituals, but She-Hulk and Wingfoot joined forces in a ritual to remove Beatrice of his powers. Defeated, Beatrice lost his power over Anung-Ite as it deserted him and fled back to its realm.

(Blaze#4-5)- Darryl Licht, a graduate student from an unidentified college, was transformed into the Anung-Ite (or a duplicate of it) by the Ba’al. All the time Licht utilized the power of the Anung-Ite, the energies paved the way for Ba'al's transport to Earth. Licht lost his powers in a conflict with Blaze and Warpath (James Proudstar).