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Anubis guard masked

Anubis is a villain from the film Stargate. He is depicted as being one of the guards of the alien ruler Ra on the planet Abydos, Anubis is a male human who decended from the slaves that were transported by Ra from earth to to Abydos through the space travelling device stargate. He seems to lead and have controle over Ra's forces and is venerated as a god by Abydos's inhabitants. He was played by Carlos Lauchu.


He weares a retractible helmet resembling the shape of Anubis the Egyptian god of the dead that masks his whole face. He seems to have more commanding liberties than the Horus Guards and differently to them the Anubis grade costume is only woarn by one of Ra's henchmen. He tried to stop the humans who came through the stargate to the planet Abydos but was killed when he was decapitated by one of Ra's ship ring transporters.

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