Anubias is the secondary antagonist from Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, he was created by Mag Mel (actually Barodius) to serve him as his apprentice.


Anubias is a Gundalian just like Ren Krawler, but unlike Ren Krawler, Anubias is a villain Gundalian created by Mag Mel, he is a former member of Team Anubias in order to trick Noah into becoming one of their own, Anubias gives Noah his guardian Bakugan, he becomes the number one brawler after Dan and Drago are disqualified.

Anubias later uses a Darkus Iron Dragonoid to defeat Drago, Dan, Preyas and Zenthon, but was defeated by them.

Anubias later challenges Dan in a battle by using the evil Mechtogans, Mutant Krakenoid, but Mag Mel interferes and begins to kill Anubias by absorbing him in the proccess.

After Anubias' demise, the Team Anubias now uses Ziperators as their guardian Bakugan.


Anubias' death is similiar to Sellon, both of them are betrayed by Mag Mel and killed by this latter.