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The Ants are incredibly sadistic villains from the internet series Happy Tree Friends.

They are the prime enemies of Sniffles. An episode where they appear first shows Sniffles as the antagonist when he tries to eat them. The ants are later shown to be the true villains when they torture him in extremely gruesome ways that almost always lead to his death. The most noteworthy example is in the episode Tongue In Cheek, in which they take control of his body and force him to do things that cause him agonizing pain, such as taking bites out of a razor-bladed apple, putting his tongue in a paper shredder, and nailing his tail to the ground; eventually bringing him to extreme tears.


Sniffles discovers a kink in the food chain.

Sniffles usually causes the battles with him and the ants, and also he started the rivalry between ants and anteaters. In the episode Blast to the Past, ants and anteaters were once shown to be friends. Sniffles time travelled to this era and ate an ant, prompting a nearby anteater to do the same to another ant, liking the taste. This is also the only episode to date where Sniffles has successfully held down and ate an ant.

There is a mother ant, a sister ant, a baby ant, and a brother ant. The father ant has mysteriously perished prior to the series. Aside from war and natural causes, it is also possible he was eaten by Sniffles, explaining the ants' deep hatred of him.


  • Sniffles has always been the only character to meet or be killed by the ants. Although other characters have appeared in some of these episodes, they seemed to be completely oblivious to what they were doing to Sniffles.
  • In the episode Crazy Antics, the Ants are shown to be religious as they are seen praying at their dining table. Ironically, however, they torture Sniffles at the next second after he tries to eat them.
  • They are possibly the most hated and despised characters of Happy Tree Friends due to their cruelty towards Sniffles.
  • The Ants are voiced by Kenn Navarro; the creator of Happy Tree Friends, Warren Graff and Ken Pontac; writers and the developers of Happy Tree Friends.
  • They have not appeared in the series since 2006.