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Antonio Perez (Despicable Me)

Antonio Pérez is the quaternary antagonist of Despicable Me 2. He is the son of El Macho. He was the love interest of Margo that Gru always tried to get lose from him but failed.

He is voiced by Moisés Arias.


Antonio is walking down the mall and Margo develops a crush on him. Antonio invites her over to his father Eduardo's restaurant "Salsa y Salsa" for a cookie, much to Gru's disapproval, who does everything he can to come between them. At the Cinco de Mayo party, Antonio dances with Margo and Gru tries to conclude them but isn't successful. Later, he is shown to have broken up with Margo for another girl. Gru, in revenge, freezes him into a block of ice.

It is unknown what his fate is afterwards.


Antonio is a very Handsome Hispanic boy with black hair and brown eyes, and he wears a black jacket, a grey scarf, a purple shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.


Antonio is a suave boy who despises Gru when he tries to protect Margo from Antonio.


  • Antonio shares similar roles of both Derek Dietl and Prince Hans. All are characters who starts off as supporting characters, but after, becoming something of an antagonist towards their former girlfriends. Unlike them both, however, he wasn't an evil mastermind like Hans and wasn't a narcissist like Derek.