Antonio Graza Ghost Ship

The Antonio Graza ship

The Antonio Graza is a haunted 1962 cruise ship inhabitated by ghosts including the souls of the innocent Katie Harwood, the treacherous Francesca and the demonic Jack Ferriman and it is the main setting of the 2002 supernatural horror film Ghost Ship.



  • The story echoes the last major disaster involving ocean liners, the sinking of the SS Andrea Doria in 1956.
  • As expected for an Italian ocean liner, all service signs appearing on and in the ship are written in Italian, but almost all carry mistakes and misspellings. The name of the ship itself - the Italian-sounding "Antonio Graza" - is a corruption of the name "Antonia Grazia" (Grazia meaning Grace in Italian).
  • Details of the salvage of the Mary Celeste, as recounted by Murphy, differ significantly from the actual incident.