Anton Cole, was the unwitting secondary antagonist of the Grimm episode "Kiss of the muse" he was also a Luisant-Pêcheur, a otter like creature.


Anton was an artist, and was described as a kind and quiet man, however he became the boyfriend of Khloe Sedgwick, a musai (a creature that homes in on men with untapped talent or power, and inspires them, only to drive them insane in the process, always ending with them turning suicidal). As such she did this to Anton, inspiring much great work from him, but leading him to go insane. She then left him, now obsessed with her, for a author.

Unable to take this, now mad he attacked and killed the author at his book selling, and tried to take her back. He was stopped when Nick arrived, he was forced to run, he dived into the river, and being a Luisant-Pêcheur, escaped the police by swimming away.

Later at night he broke into a paint store and stole a lot of paint using it, in his insane state he made a giant painting of Khloe on ground of an industrial state. He later broke into Khloe home, and thus she continued to manipulate him. When Nick arrived (he too being under Khloe's spell) she made him attack Anton.

Anton attacked Nick from behind, but was no match for a Grimm. Nick casually overpowered him and beat him down, however Khloe urged Nick to kill him. Nick continued to beat him up, even throwing him across the room. However the other police arrived and arrested Anton, while Sean Renard stopped Nick from killing Anton.

Later in the cell, broken and beaten Anton was again confronted by Nick, who still obsessed with Khloe tried to shoot him. But Anton was saved when Nick's friends burst in with Julliete, Nick's true love, thus she was able to break Khloe's spell, forcing Nick to drop his gun. Still under her spell, Anton tried to grab the gun and shoot Nick, but Sean stopped him.