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Antoine Rotelli

You are a viscous bastard, Rotelli...and I'm glad you're dead!
~ Joker after Antoine's death

Antoine Rotelli is a minor antagonist in the 1989 movie; Batman.

He was a crime lord and after Joker murdered Grissom and took over the empire, he called other crime lords for a meeting and Rotelli was one of them. He suspected the Joker for his funny grin and didn't want to take orders from him.

As a result, Joker offered to shake his hand and he fell for it, allowing the clown's joy buzzer to send 40,000 volts into his body, and burned his skin off as well as revealing his skull. Joker only laughs at his demise and claimed he's glad that he's dead, causing the other crime lords to believe he was completely insane. Joker then claims Rotelli was a very ruthless person.

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