Antipholu of Ephesus is the protagonist and antagonist of the Comedy of Errors. He's the master of Dromio Of Ephesus and only twin brother of Antipholus of Syracuse, until the musical play called The Bomb-itty Of Errors, he had three twin brothers the other Antipholus and the two Dromio.


He's married to a woman named Adriana, and had a slave Dromio who is also married, Antipholus is the most rude man everyone is never seen, he never know his father because he believe he never had one. He's very rich and pretentious he never love anyone else same his wife, all he love that's his money and nothing else, but he go to be out of his house and want to get a revenge on his wife. Later he see a man claim that's his father, Antipholus said he was not believe him because he said he never had a father and does not know him, when he see it was a other like him and realized he had a twin, he's happy to be reunited with his brother and father.

In the bomb-itty, his father is deceased when he was a baby and not know his two others brother, he also married in that play and lived his his wife and  his only brother, he wanted to free a other man with the help of his brother dromio. Later in that play the four brothers go to be reunited, and rapping has a family.