Anti-Tooth Fairy is the Tooth Fairy's Anti-Fairy opposite.
Anti-Cupid and Anti-Tooth Fairy

Instead of taking teeth and replacing them with quarters, she takes the quarters after the Tooth Fairy puts it there, then she leaves a tooth.


Anti-Tooth Fairy makes a brief appearance in The Fairly OddParents: Clash with the Anti-World. Unlike other Anti-Fairies (in the game), she is not colored blue. Instead, she's colored like the original counterpart. While the Tooth Fairy is attractive and takes people's lost teeth, Anti-Tooth Fairy is ugly and gives people teeth. It is presumed that she is good at granting kids wishes, unlike the Tooth Fairy. This makes her stand out from other Anti-Fairies, who spread misfortune rather than grant wishes. It is believed that she steals money from children.