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George Eastman as Nikos Karamanlis in Anthropophagus (1980).

Nikos Karamanlis, also known as Mikos Stenopolis or Klaus Wortmann. Are better known as anthropophagus, the grim reaper. A fictional character created by actor/writer George Eastman and director/producer Joe D'Amato. He is an immortal cannibal appearing in Anthropophagus (1980) aka. the grim reaper and rosso sangue (1981) aka. absurd/horrible/zombie 6: monster hunter. Nikos Karamanlis is played by George Eastman.


George Eastman as Mikos Stenopolis in Rosso sangue (1981).

Beyond life

Nikos Karamanlis, a husband and father had been shipwrecked. Stranded in the middle of the sea in a life raft with his family. Without supplies or food, Nikos attempts to murder and eat his young son. Though his wife intervenes and is killed herself. Nikos end up eating both of them before being rescued, Nikos is sent back to his home island in Greece, but he is lost beyond this world and starts to slaughter and devour the entire population of his home island. Some unlucky group of tourists are hunted down by the grim reaper. but two tourists managed to escape by injuring Nikos and told an unbeliveable tale to the police, but no evidence was found. Later Nikos was hunted by a monster hunting priest known only as father. He has devoted his life to stop the beast and hunts Nikos relentlessly.


An·thro·poph·a·gus (a person who eats human flesh, a cannibal). Better known as the grim reaper and also the beast, has supernatural strength and the ability to regenerate. His blood also coagulates very quickly.


Image of Anthropophagus, The Grim Reaper devouring his own intestants.


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