Anthopper Imagins

Anthopper Imagin: Ari & Kirigiris

The Anthopper Imagin is an enemy in Kamen Rider Den-O.


The two Anthopper Imagin differ from previous Imagin as they work for the goal to destroy Den-O, picking Yuya Fujishiro as an ideal contract holder. The two are ant-like from the left-half of their upper bodies and the right-halves katydid-like.

The cold-headed brother, Ari, who wields a shovel-like sword while its maniacal brother, Kirigiris, has a maniacal persona with a love for taunting his opponent and wields a viola-like sword.

Ari lures Den-O to a railway for their trap, fighting Gun Form at a disadvantage until Kirigiris makes his move and the two quickly overpower Gun Form. However, Yuto Sakurai knew that it would be a trap and sent Deneb to interfere. This act forces Ari to use Fujishiro to abduct Airi Nogami, leaving a message for Den-O to fight him and his brother at the Mitsuboshi Factory if he wants Airi back alive. Yuto and Deneb go in Ryotaro's place to save Airi, with Yuto reluctant to transform and use his last card.

M-Ryotaro, however, manages to make it before he transforms with payback on his mind. Both Den-O Sword Form and Deneb attempt to fight off the two Anthopper brothers until Yuto arrives again and transforms into Zeronos for the last time. Zeronos finishes off Ari after a long battle while Den-O assumes Climax Form and finishes off Kirigiris as payback for beating up Ryutaros.

Ari later returns in the Kamen Rider Den-O Hyper Battle Video. He is amongst the other Imagin interrupt the exercises around Ryutaros' turn. After mocking Ryotaro, he is destroyed by Den-O Liner Form.

Anthopper Imagin Names

  • Ari is the cold-headed brother of the Anthopper Imagin duo, with his manical brother Kirigiris. He wields a shovel-like sword.
  • Kirigiris is the manical brother of the Anthopper Imagin duo, with his cold-headed brother Ari. He has a maniacal persona with a lock for taunting his opponent and wields a viola-like sword