Anthony Romulus

Anthony Romulus as a werewolf

Anthony Romulus was an olympic athlete and a philanthropist who turned into a werewolf from Batman: The Animated Series.


Romulus was an athlete who competed in many notable competitions and was successful in several of them. However, he wanted something that makes him always successful as the fame and wealth got into his head.

He went to Dr. Milo for help. Milo gave him serum with wolf DNA and it wouldn't be traced in drug tests.

Romulus quickly accepted and was unaware that he was tricked by Milo during that time. After he took the serum, he did good in competitions and gained through winning competitions however there was a toll as it had horrible side effects.

It made Romulus turned halfway into a werewolf when it's a night of the full moon. He came to Milo for help and Milo said he couldn't cure him in his present state and there is none but he could cure complete werewolfism. He gave a serum that completed Romulus' werewolfism but he had to obey Milo. It also includes eliminating people that Milo considered a threat to his experiments.

Romulus Werewolf
One night, Romulus attacked a guard who had info that could lead to Milo but this act caught Batman's attention. Romulus later returned to Milo. Milo said they have to defeat Batman.

Romulus lured him by saying he'll give him a check that goes to Gotham City. The gas in the room knocked Batman unconscious. Milo trapped Batman in a coliseum and said to Romulus that he could give the antidote if he kills Batman. However, Romulus wanted the cure desperately and tried to grab it.

Milo destroyed it accidently and made Romulus angry and he attacked him. Batman defeated Romulus by plunging Romulus though the lake it is unknown what happened to him afterwards though his mansion was sold to pay off his debt.


  • His last name might be based on the founder of Rome.