Anthony Marston is one of ten people summoned to Indian Island by Lawrence Wargrave in Agatha Christie's novel, 'And Then There Were None,' who have committed murder in a way that the law cannot prove or punish them for. He is the first of the ten to die.

Anthony Marston is described as a man with a well-proportioned body, crisp hair, tanned face and blue eyes. He was born to a wealthy family, and is a reckless driver. A year before the Indian Island events, he ran over and killed two children in the road, John and Lucy Combes. A few wealthy friends prevented him from losing his driver's license, and instead he was only banned from driving for a year. He feels no remorse for the incident as he lacks any kind of moral responsibility. Because of this lacking, Wargrave decides he is the least guilty of the murderers. Because his guilt is the lightest, Marston is the first to die, being spared the strain of the more cold-blooded killers. On the first night of their gathering, Marston chokes to death after his drink is poisoned with potassium cyanide, corresponding with the verse of the 'Ten Little Indians' rhyme, "One choked his little self."