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"Enough to have my revenge! There can be only one original, and that's me!"
~ Ant-One when facing Gumball and Darwin

Ant-One is the main antagonist in The Amazing World Of Gumball season 3 episode, "The Recipe". He is an evil twin of Anton.

Ant-One was created by Gumball and Darwin in an attempt to create their own Anton. He turned out to be burnt, so he was thrown away in the trash, but disappeared. He whacked Richard with a shovel, and the Anton Clones obeyed him. They track down Darwin and Gumball at Elmore Junior High and attacked them. After the Anton Clones were washed away, Ant-One and Gumball while Ant-Two was there. Gumball grabbed both the two toasts for dear life from falling into the pool. Ant-One scratches Gumball in the face, but he fell into the pool and sunk. While he sunk, he rants that he will come back to life and be his worst nightmare before he was drained away, and died.

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