Anson Russ

Anson Russ

Anson Russ is a one-shot character in Degrassi, serving as the secondary antagonist in the season 11 premiere episode "Spring Fever".

He is portrayed by Elias Edraki.

Anson is Bianca DeSousa's ex-boyfriend and a member of Vince's violent street gang. He found Bianca at a Keke Palmer concert and attempts to hit on her. She rejects his advances, but agrees to have a drink with him.

After they exit the arena, he tries to rape her, unaware that Drew is witnessing this. Drew and Anson engage in a fight, but Anson is stronger and quickly overpowers Drew and almost kills him. Bianca grabs a brick and bashes Anson in the head, killing him. Little do they know, by killing Anson, they have triggered Vince's wrath.