is a recurring antagonist in the Tower of Druaga series. He first appears in the PC Engine remake of The Tower of Druaga and appears in several later games.

Anshar is a demon with green eyes and a shadowy figure. He wears a hood at all times. He is secretive and manipulative. He used to serve the demon Druaga, but eventually betrayed him. His right hand is the Akynd Knight. Anshar had created the Akynd Knight's armor. He created the helm by stealing sacred material from heaven and forging it, he made the gauntlets out of the paws of the Galda, a ferocious, now-extinct beast. and he sealed the boots with dark powers.

In The Tower of Druaga, he appears to Gil and tells him that Ki was captured by Druaga, which leads Gil to pray to the goddess Ishtar for help.

In The Blue Crystal Rod, Gil and Ki discover that Anshar was manipulating the Sumer Empire and the emperor Balarant. He may attack Gil and Ki, but they can attack him with the sword and the Blue Crystal Rod.

In Seme COM Dungeon: Drururuaga, Succubus kidnaps Kalia and brings her to Anshar, who holds her captive.