Anniyan is titular character of  2005 Tamil film Anniyan is mysterious website who
Anniyan 01
manipulated timed Lawyer Ambi to developed Multiple Personality Disorder into Anniyan, a vigilante who kills people with corrupts and greedy actions.


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Ramanujam aka Ambi came from the orthodox Iyengar family who followed his father's footsteps as lawyer after tragic death of his younger sister Vidya as child because due to civic apathy which left Ambi which his anger to developed MPD in later years because of his trauma of his sister's death . he had crush on his negihour Nandhini Krishna who is aspiring singer and his best friend Chaki (who is police officer) tried help Ambi to express love for her. Ambi received from, a mysterious website one day Ambi defend the client who is covetous landlord who later fired him and witness one day Ambi sees a person dying and asking people for need  as the car owner ignored it  but reaching to hospital the man dies leaving Ambi frustration and asked the website of Anniyan for seeking help which Ambi's personally as Anniyan, a ruthless and cruel vignette who targeted corrupted people. Anniyan dragged the driver to valley when the driver begged Anniyan to spared his life but he pushed the driver to bulls which insistently stampede him him and a railway contract caterer Chokkalingam who thearted his cooks as slaves for making poor decent food and Anniyan track Chokkalingam at restroom and theathed with knife tells him to calling cooks to leave so no everybody hearing it then Anniyan executed Chokkalingam by fired him left his brother Phahakaran to get revenge and bring Anniyan to justice. When Ambi tried impressed Nandini, end up rejected by her because his meek personally, He tried commit suicide in the lake which transformed as Remo who is male supermodel impressed and dating Nandhi and her parents accept marriage , Ambi upset to see Nandhi acquires land, but tries to cheat the government out of taxes as he watch helpless while still in tears, Amhi was kidnapped and beaten by thugs who worked with brake cable company owner and Ambi relapses Anniyan who fight and defeated the thugs and tied the factory owner when he gave him leech for punishment and dies, as Remo who learns from Nandhi while we dating suddenly He become anniyan in front of him which scared Nandhi and Remo come to fight with him before Anniyan stopped Him, Anniyan goes after Nandhi escaped from hotel and she came to seek help from fighters who worked in Kung Fu and they fight to Anniyan but failed and Anniyan put gasloine as Nandhi begged him to spare her life then she notice Anniyan's hair as same as Abhi and Remo only she realized that Anniyan is actually Ambhi as about to toss her into a pit of fire, Nandhi screams Ambi then Anniyan reverts back to Ambi who confused about the events and fainted. next day Nandhi takes Ambi to hospital where psychiatrist diagnosed Ambhi with multiple personality disorder and uncovered his dark past ivolvad of death of his sister, the deep scar left him into Anniyan and Remo , Ambi is completely oblivious and curious who's Remo , the psychiatrist explained to Nadhi that Remo will disapnred on Ambi's mind and Nadhi chose Amhi over "Remo" later dissapnred but not long for DCP Prabhakar investigates the murders, finds clues left behind by Anniyan and they are punishments is based of Sanskrits, once he met Ambhi whom he disguised it and learn from him. At Nehru Stadium, Anniyan amidst the press and pulibc donning a face-paint to conceal his identity and admit the murders include Chokkalingam and videos shows deaths of wastrel who got killed by snakes and Ambi's client is forced eat money, he wants people to take responsible against copurttion once Prabhakar tries to catch Anniyan, but he escapes and then there was recorded footage of Annyan and unmasked him which shocked Chanti that his best friend Ambhi was masked vilegtine and police arrested him left his friends and family were shocked include Nadhi and Chanti. at Police interrogation Phakabakaran questioned Ambhi about his motives of murders as his friend Chanti coundt stand to see Amhi got beaten and freeze almost to death and Ambi's personality constantly changes between Ambi and Anniyan to fight defned himself against Prabhakar and used CCTV Chanti recond interrogation and uses it as evidence of Ambi's condition seeking to help Amhi's father defended his son. At murder trail, Ambhi was deeply shocked to video featured Anniyan was himself and Remo whom Nadahi suppsolsy dating. regretful of his actions Ambhi begged the judge who let him to sent at mental faculty and sentenced to psychotherapy which relifed his family and Nadhi also Prabhakar. after two years Ambi was released (his hair was cutting) and marries Nandini and while travelling on a train for their honeymoon, Ambhi notice the man who is responsible for Vidya's death had drinking amidst fellow passengers. Suffering a relapse, Ambi transformed Anniyan and kills man by trowing him however he keep hide from Nandhi it implied that Anniyan disspanred forever on his brain .


  • Anthakoopam", a Sanskrit word and one of the punishments in the Garuda Puranam
  • Kumbhipakam - ?
  • Krimiibhojanam - ?


  • Driver
  • Chockalingam
  • brake cable company owner
  • Clinet
  • Druken Man
  • Eniger
  • Singer who refused Nandhi's invitation (almost)
  • Nandhi (Almost)




  • he is similar of Ryan Jabcosn and Bae Su-mi.