All serve Annihilus! Annihilus is the will and the way and he WILL NOT BE DENIED!
~ Annihilus.

Annihilus is a supervillain from the Marvel Universe, usually serving as an enemy to the Fantastic Four. Annihilus is the insectoid ruler of the Negative Zone, an alternate dimension comprised of anti-matter. He commands an army of other insectoid beings, and seeks to conquer other dimensions. He gains great power from a powerful weapon called the Cosmic Control Rod, which he wears around his neck. It powers him with cosmic energy and grants him many powers, including immortality, energy blasts, great strength, control of heat and cold, and shielding from radiation, in addition to his natural powers. Since the only thing Annihilus fears is death, he is extremely protective of his Rod, even to the point of paranoia.

Once, the Realm of Asgard somehow intersected with the Negative Zone, and Annihilus decided to conquer it. He battled and bested Thor, but was ultimately defeated by Odin.

Eventually, Annihilus set out to conquer the universe with a massive army known as the Annihilation Wave, in response to his native realm shrinking and our universe growing. Vowing to end all life and turn the universe into a "perfect" void, Annihilus and his army butchered and annihilated countless worlds, also trying to obtain the Power Cosmic by capturing many of Galactus's heralds. Finally though, Annihilus was killed by the cosmic superhero Nova, who ripped out his internal organs in retaliation for his massacring the Nova Corps. He was, however, "reborn" as an infant version of himself on another planet; it is later revealed that Annihilus cannot die, as every time he is killed, he is simply reborn.

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The Villain Guide Episode 1 Annihilus


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