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Annie Scrambler is one of the Pranksters on the childrens' show The Electric Company.

Annie is portrayed by Sandie Rosa.


Annie gets jealous easily, wears bright colors, and often pulls pranks on Lisa Heffenbacher, the good girl of the neighborhood. Annie is often jealous of the Electric Company's good luck, and usually works with her uncle Sigmund (Mark Linn-Baker), a hypnotist, to get back at her rivals.

Annie has an aunt who is a hypnotist as well named Sandy. Annie also has a little sister named Amy. Annie is not ready for hypnotism. She is very colorful and has a cocky personality. She tries to be better than anyone. She's very full of herself.


Annie has the power to scramble any word or sentence with a stomp of her foot. She is often using her uncle's talent as a hypnotist to get her way.