Anne She-Wolf
Anne Lasker is a minor villainess from "Rough Beast," a second season episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy.

She was played by Chilton Crane.


Anne Lasker is the mother of Tracy Lasker, a patient of Dr. Rachel Corrigan. After learning about Tracy's nightmares involving a werewolf and the connection to her and Anne, Rachel visits Anne, who reveals a story about a wolf-like creature attacking her and Tracy years ago. In the encounter, Anne shot and killed the beast, who was revealed to be Tracy's father. When an actual werewolf is prowling at night and killing people, the Legacy believes that Tracy's father has somehow returned. However, Rachel learns that Tracy is the werewolf after she transforms in her bedroom in front of her. Anne stops Alex from killing Tracy, who jumps out through the window and lunges after Nick, who later shoots and kills her. Anne reveals that she knew all along about Tracy and that she couldn't be saved, while later cradling her daughter's body. At the final scene, the evil Anne looks up into the sky and flashes yellow, wolf-like eyes and started growling, revealing herself as a werewolf.