You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.
~ Anne Droid, imitating her real-life counterpart, Anne Robinson.

The Anne Droid was a primitive-looking but surprisingly deadly robot adversary of Doctor Who that appeared in the episode "Bad Wolf".

She hosted a deadly version of the game show "The Weakest Link" in a possible future of 200,100. Anne Droid's design and voice was based on the original human host of the show, Anne Robinson (who happily provided her voice for the show, not seeming to mind being portrayed as a monster). It was equipped with a type of teleportation-beam in its mouth that it used to transfer losers to the Dalek Fleet (though people believed it was a death-ray).


Anne Droid was used by the Bad Wolf Corporation aboard the Game Station in 200,100 and was only activated for the live shows of "The Weakest Link", being kept shut down whenever the show was not on air.

When the Daleks invaded the Game Station, Jack Harkness reprogrammed the Anne Droid to fight the Daleks. She teleported three Daleks to an unknown location (possibly back to a Dalek ship), but before she could teleport a fourth, the Dalek blew her head off, taking advantage of the fact that the robot was programmed to utter the famous phrase "You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye." before firing.


  • Anne Droid is obviously a parody of Anne Robinson, however her name is also a pun on the word "android" - which is used to described humanoid robots (though ironically "Anne Droid" is a little too primitive to pass as an android).
  • The Anne Droid made a cameo in a Weakest Link Doctor Who special where actors from the show played for charity. She appeared centre stage introducing the show, before the real Anne Robinson came out, unplugged her and took over the MC position.