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Annabelle doll the conjuring
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Annabelle is a possessed doll who was based on a real life case of a possessed Raggedy Ann doll. She was a supporting antagonist in the 2013 film The Conjuring.

Role in The Conjuring

Annabelle resided in famed paranormal investigators's Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum in a locked case. They got the doll from a previous case that involved two girls talking about the doll moving and leaving behnd notes such as "Miss me?" When the Perron family reported of supernatural happenings in their house, Annabelle joins the other spirits in tormenting the family. She was also taken out of the case by Bathsheba Sherman, the ghost of a witch who murdered her own son. She was then found mysteriously back in her case. Bathsheba then releases the demon within the doll to kill Ed and Lorraine Watson.

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