Animus is a character from the MUGEN fighting game The Black Heart.


Animus has been locked inside an iron maiden for more than 400 years. Back in 1605, by decree of the prince, a troop of soldiers from the other world was sent to capture the iron maiden. The guards retrieved it, from the basement of a huge castle in Transylvania, unaware of its contents. Once in the other world it was put under strict guard in a prison. But, one day, that iron maiden opened and Animus was released. An inner voice spoke to him telling him to go to Chaos and find a creature called Final. Animus starts a journey to learn his identity and hunts answers to the many questions that have plagued him for so long. He doesn't know why does he suffer so much or why he can't die, his wish is only to be free after more than 400 years of endless suffering.

Game Playthrough

The Black Heart - Animus' Story Part 109:28

The Black Heart - Animus' Story Part 1


The Black Heart - Animus' Story Part 211:00

The Black Heart - Animus' Story Part 2