The Animal Vegetable-Mineral Man was once a biologist that fell victim to his experiment and later became a mutated person. With his superpowers, Mineral Man became a supervillain and came in conflict with the Doom Patrol. He once terrorized the town and fought the superheroes. However, Vegetable-Mineral Man was defeated by the Doom Patrol.

He later appears in the show Batman the Brave and the Bold in the episode "The Last Patrol" where he attacks the retired Negative Man at a freak show. He has the upper hand until The Doom Patrol (excluding Robotman) show up to help. He defeats them all until Batman comes to help. He later appears on General Zahl's ship along with the other Doom Patrol villains fighting Batman but is knocked out and captured.

He also appears in the Teen Titans GO! comic where it is revealed that he once defeated the Doom Patrol but was defeated by Beast Boy. One page of the comic is homage to a My Greatist Adventure comics.

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