Angry penguin boss

Angry Penguin is the final boss in Fancy Pants Adventures World 1.


The Angry Penguin is found in his cave, sleeping, at the end of Level 3 in World 1. He is currently just The Penguin. When Fancy Pants Man jumps into the cave, he lands on the The Penguin while he is sleeping, giving him a rude awakening. He turns into the Angry Penguin and attacks you by charging you. When he beats him, the game is beaten, and the game ends.


The Angry Penguin is strong, but not smart. In order to take him down, you have to stand next to the wall. Right when the Angry Penguin is about to hit you, jump. The Angry Penguin will hit the wall, and it will be knocked out for a very short while. While he is knocked out, jump on him. He will take more damage, but he will snap back to action. Do the same thing 2 more times, and he will be defeated.


  • His home is redesigned in Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles.
  • He is the first boss in the series.