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The Angry Man is a fictional monster that acts as the titular antagonist of the creepypasta "Angry Man", which is told from the view of a young child whom the Angry Man stalks and ultimately kills.. as such it is a particularly dark (if short) creepypasta and the Angry Man's motives are never explained.


The Angry Man begins by manifesting under the bed of a young child, who asks their mother to check - however the mother finds nothing and tells the child to go to sleep.

Yet as the mother leaves the Angry Man manifests again, this time at the window and the child sees that he has "a really ugly head—all twisted and gooey" that continually shifts shape.

Terrified, the child runs to get their father but by the time the father enters the room the Angry Man is gone and the child is once again told to go to sleep.

Yet as the father exits the Angry Man manifests for a third time, now standing by the child's bed and staring at them while silently "yelling" and his presence actually starts to hurt the child.

Unable to cope the child lets out a desperate scream and their parents burst into the room, this time the Angry Man doesn't leave and instead turns to face the parents.

The father tries to hit the Angry Man but is overpowered, the mother cries and tries to aid her fallen husband while screaming at the Angry Man, asking what he wanted but got no reply.

The child then screams "Go away! Go away! GO AWAY!" - which makes the Angry Man run to the window and leap outside, shattering the window in the process.

The child is taken by their parent out of the house as the father calls the police and the family stay in the car until the police arrive.

When the police arrive they don't believe what is happening and get into an argument with the child's parents, who leave their child alone in the car as they talk to the officers.

This proves to be a fatal mistake as the child sees the Angry Man next to the car, the child screams and their parents and police race to try and save them but it is too late as the Angry Man smashes into the car and drags the child out with an arm, presumably to their demise.


The Angry Man is described as a humanoid monster with a face that is forever warping in horrific ways, it's movements are said to be jerky and it is continually acting as if it is yelling, yet no sounds come from it.

Powers and Abilities

The Angry Man's powers are superhuman in strength, speed and durability - it also seems to have significant supernatural powers such as teleportation and a presence that harms people (as well as a form that is constantly shifting).