Angol Mois is a character in Sgt. Frog (also known as Keroro Gunso).

"July 1999. The Queen of Terror descends from the sky and Angolmois awakens."


Angol Mois is the "Queen of Terror", who is ditzy and insecure as a result of her impact from space. She was sent to planet Earth to arrive in July 1999 for Earth's destruction, as predicted by Nostradamus, under orders from her father. She states that during her first appearance she told Nostradamus to deliver a message to the humans warning them of her arrival. In the anime, she arrives 500 years too early and takes a nap in orbit, until she wakes up in 2004, 5 years too late. In the manga, she lands near Fuyuki, while in the anime, she lands on Giroro's tent (and on top of Giroro, who was inside). In both, she is taken into the Hinatas' home, where she is nursed back to health by Natsumi. When she wakes up, she reveals her true form and starts to destroy the Earth, until Keroro, who arrives later, is persuaded by Fuyuki (who reminds him that if Mois destroys Earth, there would be no more Gundam models) to stop Mois.

Although the Lord of Terror, she is anything but terrifying. She's sweet, clumsy, and peppy, with no malice whatsoever but can be scary when she gets her Lucifer Spear out. The Lucifer Spear, which she only can use while in her true form, is a terrible weapon that could, at its fullest power, completely destroy Earth. She usually uses only an infinitesimal part of its power to destroy things. The Lucifer Spear also doubles as a cell phone, which Mois keeps in her pocket. The weakness of the Angol is a mineral called Angolnite, that neutralizes her powers. She keeps a crystal of Angolnite hidden in her room just in case.

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She is close friends with Keroro, since the sergeant used to play with her when she was a child. She calls Keroro oji-sama, which means, roughly, "uncle". She is in love with him and dreams of being his girlfriend, though Keroro seems oblivious to it. Tamama, however, considers her his rival and often competes with her for Keroro's attention (and affection), though most of the time Mois don't ever realizes she's competing. Often, also, her pure heart puts Tamama to shame without even realizing it, an unconscious weapon that also works against the cynical Kululu. Her main goal is to make Keroro happy, something Keroro takes sometimes advantage of to make her do his cleaning work in his place, and she also works as part of the platoon as communication's officer and overall helper. She lives in a room at the platoon's underground base.

In her true Angol form, she is a pale gray-haired, brown-eyed girl who wears a purple, yellow and white costume. However, to blend in with the Earth people, Mois transforms into a tanned, bleached-blonde teenager (kogal) who is always seen in a school uniform and loose socks. She got her Earth look from when she first arrived, not long before she met the Hinatas. In the manga, her father had encouraged her to see only herself as important as this frame of mind was needed to become an effective planet destroyer. Thus, she chose the form of a Japanese school girl she saw ending a friendship with another girl for her own benefit. In the anime, she chose the form of a girl who was fighting for her friends, thus becoming her "inspiration."[30]

Her transformation sequences, stylized costume, and related accessories may make her a parody of the "magical girl" genre. As an added note, Mois's Pekopon-form wears a hairclip explicitly in the shape of the Science Patrol's meteor-mark in the anime (while Asami, the girl whose form/soul she "borrowed", has an Ultra Garrison hair clip. Her name is frequently used in puns on the Japanese phrase moe-moe, which usually refers to a cute girl who appeals to older members of the audience.

In the English manga, her name is "Angol Moa".