I will remove all obstacles in my path
~ Angol Fear
Angol Fear (Japanese: アンゴル・フィア, Angoru Fia) is a bonus character and minor boss who appears in the video Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Mine Yoshizaki. She has direct connections to the Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso(u) franchise, although she debuted in the game itself and she uses Seong Mi-na's moveset. Her weapon, named Lucifer Spear Black, is a spear with a large moon-shaped ball at the end of it.

What lies in her soul is Pity.

She is voiced by Takako Honda in the Japanese version, while in the English she is voiced by Brianne Sindall.


Once there was a man who, disappointed over life and the world, entreated the heavens to curse all existence as soon as he died.

While alive, the man acted as a prophet. By achieving a momentary connection to the cast annals of history that slept in the abyss of the cosmos, he was able to learn about events from the past and future. But, in as deep a despair as he was, the man used his supernatural link in an attempt to send his regrets into the core of the universe. Until, at last, he made a pact with the Will of the Cosmos: destroy the planet (Earth).

Without giving the matter any further thought, the Will of the Cosmos made its decision. The planet would be destroyed after a 500-year grace period. During that time, the Earth's doomed inhabitants could try to change their wicked ways.

However, as soon as the man died, a visitor came to Earth. While she was a marshal in direct service of the Will of the Cosmos, entrusted with the power to punish on its behalf, she had not been tasked with the Earth's destruction. Instead, she was to investigate the Earth. 500 years from now, when the one tasked to destroy the world arrived, would he or she find Earth, a land where swords, spirit, and cursed waged endless battle, worthy?

Depending on what she found, there might be no need to wait for the appointed executioner to arrive. The day she judged the world unworthy would be the Day of Judgement.

Soulcalibur IV ending

The people who seek Soul Edge are pathetic and cannot control that much power. However, most people on earth live in peace, so there's no need to destroy the planet now. Unless, of course, the planet destroys itself...

The text-only epilogue states this: When that time comes, she will be ready to give them a fitting end. This "she" refers not to Angol Fear, who comes to observe originally and not destroy, but to Angol Mois, the one who is actually charged with deciding the fate of the planet Earth.


Angol Fear can be considered a fairly hostile character who doesn't hold back during fights. Her intro quotes such as "I will remove all obstacles in my path" and "Fool, you dare to stand up to me?" make her an intimidating and confident opponent. She cares little for the humans of the world and seems to think of them as mere fodder. Despite her outwardly cold and severe personality, she can be considered level headed and fair. In her ending she spares the planet not because of mankind, but the numerous other lives within it. This shows that she is at least considerate to some degree.

Furthermore, she can recognize strong warriors, even praising them in one win quote "That did amuse me for a while." Although she can equally be scolding in her remarks "You risk your life and that's all you've got?'

Overall, she is a fairly serious young woman who has no time for weaker opponents but may find it interesting if they can provide her a challenge. She is confident in her own strengths and can come across as an intimidating one.


  • Angol Fear is fairly similar to her cousin Angol Mois, a character from the anime/manga series Keroro Gunso, also created by Mine Yoshizaki. She wields the same type of a staff weapon and wears similar clothing style to her. There is also a Mois colour palette to Fear in the game.
    • After her debut in Soulcalibur IV, Angol Fear appeared in chapter 148 (which was collected in volume 19) of the Sgt.Frog/Keroro Gunso manga series, where she visits modern day Earth (Pekopon/Pokopen), wondering why Angol Mois hadn't destroyed the planet yet. Volume 19 also included Angol Fear's backstory, with references to her involvement in Soulcalibur, including an illustration of the Soulcalibur IV version of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.