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The Angler King is a giant anglerfish who lives in the under the sea in the Beach Gate. He is the third boss in Drawn to Life. Like all creatures, his eye is corrupted by Wilfre.


When the pirates are set off to sea, the mayor knows that the sea monster disrupting the voyage was The Angler King. The hero must go after him under water.


Part 1

The Angler King will chase the hero underwater. This boss can be considered dangerous than the others. The hero can shoot starfish to stop him from attacking.

Part 2

The Angler King will later corner the hero. He has three attacks. First, he'll shoot Shadow Fish from his crown. Next, the boss will leave the screen and the bubbles mean that the Angler King will come. The easy attack is when it starts chasing slowly. The player must shoot starfish and the boss repeats the pattern again. Count Choco will throw Hearts or Starfish to help the hero.

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