Angle Man

Angle Man (real name: Angelo Bend) is a supervillain in DC comics and an enemy of Wonder Woman.


Angelo Bend was a handsome, rich, sophisticated, young man. He somehow aquired a reality warping Angler. This magical, triangular device granted him the ability to teleport almost anywhere, bend spatial and relations, alter the gravity and warp perceptions. Bend became a master-thief for hire, Angler Man is wanted by the authorities all across Europe for his crimes.

Powers and Abilities

Appearances in other media

TV appearance

Angleman JL

Angle Man in Justice League

Angle Man first appears in Justice League Unlimited as part of the Legion of Doom. His only lines are in the episode "The Great Brain Robbery". In the series final he is shown siding with Gorilla Grodd during the mutany and was later showns strangling Heat Wave during the fight. When the mutany was failed he along with most of the other traitors were killed.

He also appeared in Batman the Brave and the Bold episode "Joker the Vile and the Villianess in a bar where all the villians hang out.