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Angela "Angie" Tucci is the protagonistic villainess in the 1991 Spike Lee film Jungle Fever.

She was portrayed by Annabella Sciorra.

She cheats on her boyfriend Paulie Carbone because she is sick of the "same ole, same ole" (she does not exactly say it, but that is what she means) -- boys from the neighborhood (she does mention that but not like that). She cheats on him with a man named Flipper Purify.

Her actions are thoughtless. But she is not an outright broad. She even does apologize to Paulie later. But for the sake of definitions, she is labeled as a villain.

A little bit of background info: it is important to note that not all Italians are non-white (hence no one should seriously think Italians are racist from seeing this movie). Many are descended from Nordic tribes, or indirectly Nordic via the Greeks (Tucci is a name from Veneto providince, a providence with a language rooted in Greek; Greece has had many problem with racism historically, and they have had shots at imperialism; oppressing Cyprus). So in many ways, Tucci's family is no different from any racist Swede, Jewish, Greek or W.A.S.P family. And incorrectly, the Yusef Hawkins murder is claimed to have been racist in one of the opening title cards of the film (when evidence shows this was a gang crime).

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