Angie Quantico

Angie was a villainess from the second season of the television series Quantico.

She was played by Candi Boyd.


Angie, along with Jason Bowling, Owen and Lydia Hall was one of the CIA instructors at The Farm, and in the episode "Lipstick," she was shown asking Alex Parrish about her bank account. Some time between the flashback events of "Lipstick" and "Epicshelter", it was implied that Angie and Jason helped Jeremy Miller, a former CIA recruit, fake his death after he was almost killed by the AIC, a rogue CIA faction. In addition, the two instructors formed a CIA group called the Citizens Liberation Front to counter the rogue group. After Owen, the lead instructor, was arrested for falsely being accused of murdering Miller, Angie, Jason, and Lydia became the remaining instructors at the Farm. After all the recruits became CIA case officers, Angie, Jason, and other members of the CLF would continue to investigate the the AIC.

Months later, the CLF learned that Elaine Todd, the First Lady, conspired against her country and was a head member of the rogue agency. Members of the CLF soon realized that the AIC's final plan was star a hostage crisis at the G-20 Summit in New York in an attempt to extract information out of intelligence hard drives that were being brought to the event. The CLF decided that they would have to sabotage the event and initiate a hostage crisis to disrupt the AIC's plans and, eventually, eliminate the members of the rogue group. However, during the event, Angie later fought Alex Parrish, a former CIA recruit at the Farm, leading to Angie's death.