Angels of Paradiso

Angels of Paradiso

The Angels of Paradiso are the main antagonists of the Bayonetta video game series. Only the soldiers and guardians of Paradiso, known as The Hierarchy of Laguna, are encountered. During the Clan Wars, the Angels fought on the front lines alongside the Lumen Sages against the Umbra Witches and Infernal Demons. All Angels share certain characteristics: marble-like skin, gold and ivory armor and a golden halo above their heads or bodies. Lower-ranking Angels (such as Affinity and Applaud) seem to resemble the stereotypical concept of angels in Christianity, whilst higher-ranking Angels are not always humanoid in appearance, such as Fortitudo, Iustitia, Sapientia, Harmony and Kinship.

Although most Angels are physical beings, some have broken free of any physical bonds and are truly spiritual, such as Joy, who are members of the Seraphim class within the angelic hierarchy's First Sphere.



  1. Fortitudo
  2. Temperantia
  3. Iustitia
  4. Sapientia

First Sphere Angels

Second Sphere Angels

Third Sphere Angels