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Angelo Tucci is a character in Watch Dogs who appears as the secondary antagonist of Act I and an overall minor antagonist in the game.


Tucci is a private fixer contractor who works with Lance Brenner and is known to be involved with money-laundering activities with Brenner.

Events of Watch Dogs

Angelo is hired by the Chicago South Club to kidnap and escort Raul Lionzo to the police so Lionzo can identify Aiden Pearce's identity since he saw him during the incident at May Stadium. Angelo's activities were however noticed by Jordi Chin, Pearce's hired fixer and Chin located Angelo's associate Lance Brenner and informed Aiden of the situation. Aiden then invaded Brenner's location and shot his way to Brenner, who was shot and wounded by Jordi who was using a sniper rifle. Brenner revealed Angelo's name and plan to Aiden, who then escaped Angelo's fixer reinforcements to protect Brenner, who can be optionally killed by Aiden. Later, Aiden learns of Angelo's location through his niece Helena Tucci, who calls Angelo and consequently allows the call to be hacked and tracked by Aiden. Angelo then leaves in a convoy, expecting Aiden to come to the location. Aiden then locates the convoy and attacks it. Angelo is killed in the ensuing gunfight.

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