Angelene is a character from the Toaru Majutsu no Index series and is introduced in the Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc as the false tertairy antagonist. She's a nun who serves as a member of Agnese Forces on behalf of the Roman Orthodox Church against all who are declared heretics by the church. She's the friend of Agnese SanctisLucia, and Orsola Aquinas all of whom, she cares deeply for.


Angelene is a short child who appears to be around the same height of both Index and Agnese. She has honey colored hair and eyes and has two braids on the sides of her head. She wears the traditional Catholic Nun uniform with black robes along with white sleeves, collar, and gloves and a dark grey cross on the front of the robes. She also has a metalic belt across her waist that contains all of her coin bags.


Angelene is a child and so she has the personality of one as well. She acts purely based on emotions instead of her beliefs and is more cowardly than the other previous Roman Church members shown before. She appears to be devout to her Roman Catholic faith and follows the orders and wills of Agnese Sanctis since she can manipulate her to do so due to her powers. Angelene seems to be very protective of her friends and is alwsy seen standing by Lucia's side all the time.