Angela Williams is the female protagonist of the TBS/OWN dramedy, For Better Or Worse and the female tritagonist of the two movies that the show was based on, Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too.

Even though she doesn't count as an antagonist, she is obnoxious and over the top, which usually embarasses her husband, Marcus Williams and her over the top antics against Marcus usually lead her to do unusual things, which can be either comedic or crazy.

She is genuinely a good person in her own way but her over the top antics can get Marcus into trouble.

Villainous Acts

  • She has yelled at Marcus mostly over little or misunderstood things and make them huge problems.
  • She has embarrassed him at an airport due to him talking to a female fan and causes a scene.
  • When suspecting that Marcus is having an affair, Angela goes so far as to embarrassing him at work, where he is a sports news anchor and while talking about some sports, Angela yells at him about his "affair", embarrassing him and while on commercial break, the two argue, which leads to Marcus telling Angela that she is evil.
  • In the show, when Marcus refuses to move out, her anger makes her go so far as to dragging his clothes and went to his workplace and has burnt his car and clothes, out of anger.