Angela Martin Turns Heel
Gotta hand it to you, Dr. Hunt. You just don't give up. Unfortunately, that's also going to get you killed
~ Angela Martin before pointing a gun at Megan Hunt
Angela Martin was the Chief of Police of the Philadelphia PD and also served as the main villainess in "Daddy Issues," the final episode of Body of Proof.

She was played by Lorraine Toussaint.

Angela Martin was first introduced in the episode "Disappearing Tommy," but after a few appearances, her role grew in the episode, "Daddy Issues," where she quickly notices Megan Hunt investigating the death of her father, David Hunt, from decades ago. He was believed to have committed suicide, but after looking at his suicide note, it was confirmed that he wrote the note under duress and he was murdered. It was also revealed that David's murder is linked to the murder of a woman named Lindsay Pratt, and Megan suspected that Glenn Fitz, a retired cop, was behind the murders as part of a cover-up. Megan went to Angela at the office with her findings, which led to Angela riding in the car with her. At that moment, Angela turned heel and pointed a gun at Megan, while forcing her to drive to her father's office; revealing herself as the actual killer.

At the office, Angela stated that she had tracked Megan's progress of the case, and confessed to everything. She said that back in 1977, when Angela was a rookie cop, she had a boyfriend who she was infatuated with, but he left her for another woman: Lindsay Pratt. Angela confronted Lindsay and eventually killed her with a chokehold. She later told colleague Arthur Wilcox about the murder and he helped her cover it up by framing serial killer Earl Brown for the crime. When David Hunt had his suspicions about the death of Lindsay, who was his patient, Angela went to his home and forced him to write a suicide note before fatally shooting him in the head. She also stole David's body when he was about to be buried, which explains why the coffin was empty when Megan ordered his body to be exhumed.

While Megan was on her investigation, the evil Angela continued to tie up loose ends by killing Arthur Wilcox and mutilating his body, and also killing Glenn Fitz after he told her what happened. Angela stated that she spent 35 years atoning for her crimes, but Megan wasn't buying it, calling Angela a cold-blooded killer. Angela referred to Megan as one more loose end and she planned to kill her and make it look like a suicide; just as she did to David. However, Angela was shot and killed by Trent Marsh.