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NightotDemons88 02

Angela Franklin is the primary antagonist in the Night of the Demons franchise.

Once a high school student, Angela hosted a party in Hull House, an abandoned funeral home in which the Hull family were murdered and even before that time, Native Americans called the land cursed.

After hosting the party, they perform a seance and awaken an evil demon which possesses a young girl named Suzanne who then kisses Angela, allowing the demon to possess her as well. Many more are possessed until Roger and Judy are left. They manage to escape and the rising sun destroys the bodies though when the police arrive, Angela's body is gone. The demon controls her body through the other two films.

As a demon, Angela has incredible strength, teleportation, telekinesis and immortality. She is also able to possess the dead to gain minions. However, she has her weaknesses. She is only active during Halloween and must return to where she came from when it is over. She is unable to leave Hull House due to the underground stream unless something from Hull House is taken. She is also vulnerable to crosses, the rising sun and holy water.

Like many horror icons, she can't be truly killed and always comes back. She also has a sense of humor like Freddy Krueger.


  1. Suzanne - Possessed by Angela Franklin
  2. Stooge - Tongue ripped out by Angela Franklin
  3. Helen - Killed offscreen, thrown onto car by Angela Franklin
  4. Jay Jansen - Eyes gouged out with fingernails by Angela Franklin
  5. Frannie - Neck snapped by Angela Franklin
  6. Max - Bashed with coffin lid by Angela Franklin
  7. Sal Romero - Impaled on pole by Angela Franklin
  8. Old Man - Throat ripped open by Angela Franklin
  9. Albert - Slaughtered by Angela Franklin
  10. Linda - Slaughtered by Angela Franklin
  11. Z-Boy - Physically abused and murdered by Angela Franklin
  12. Shirley Finnerty - Possessed by Angela Franklin
  13. Rick - Murdered by Angela Franklin
  14. Kurt - Beheaded by Angela Franklin
  15. Terri - Possessed by Angela Franklin
  16. Father Bob - Murdered inside the Hull House by Angela Franklin
  17. Perry - Assaulted by Angela Franklin
  18. Officer Larry - Murdered by Angela Franklin
  19. Orson - Murdered by Angela Franklin
  20. Abbie - Murdered by Angela Franklin
  21. Reggie - Hit/crushed by Angela Franklin
  22. Lois - Transform into a snake head which bites by Angela Franklin
  23. Vince - Possessed by Angela Franklin 
  24. Lt. Dewhurst - Heart torn out by Angela Franklin
  25. Dex Thrilby - Infected by Angela Franklin
  26. Lily Thompson - Turned into a demon by Angela Franklin
  27. Suzanne Reed - Possessed by Angela Franklin
  28. Jason Rogers - Infected by Angela Franklin
  29. Colin Levy - Turned into a demon by Angela Franklin
  30. Diana - Possessed by Angela Franklin

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