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This article is about the angel in religion. Not to be confused with The Phantom of the Opera.

The Angel of Death is a prominent figure in many religions, especially Christianity - the depiction of the angel varies from being a fallen angel or demon to an instrument of divine law and as such the entity is considered good, evil or amoral depending on the story it appears in.

The Angel of Death was also the final plague of the 10 Plagues that God unleashed upon Egypt - causing the deaths of the firstborn children of Egypt but sparing the lives of the Jews, this event has since become known as the "Passover" he name Azrael  and he carries souls up to heaven to be judged by Jesus Christ 

The Angel of Death in fiction is usually portrayed as either evil or good, with the Angel of Death in the TV series "Touched By An Angel" and the movie "Click" being a force of good (unlike many depictions of Death, which the Western world has traditionallly seen as evil or menacing ever since the Grim Reaper), while the Angel of Death Loki from the movie "Dogma" is an outcast and is seen as a force of evil.


Angel of Death or Azrael carry the soul of a child

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