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The Angel Statue, also called The Statue, is a voiceless angel statue and the main antagonist of the Creepypasta story known only as "The Statue". This Creepypasta story is a re-telling of the infamous urban legend involving a man murdering two children and a babysitter.

The Statue

The story begins with a babysitter watching television in her employers' bedroom. While she was watching the television, she noticed an eerie-looking angel statue in the window. She immediately called her employers, and asked them for permission to cover up the angel statue, because it was creeping her out. The phone went silent for a second. The father then immediately tells the babysitter to take the children and to get out of the house, because they didn't own an angel statue. The police were then alerted to the house, but they didn't find any survivors. The angel statue was also gone.



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