Andy (Grown Ups)


Andy is the main antagonist in the 2013 film Grown Ups 2. He is the leader of a group of college kids and leads them into Lenny's old lake house where they declare it their territory and throw a party. 

He was portrayed by Taylor Lautner. 

When Lenny and his friends return to their old lake house after three years, Andy makes them jump into the lake naked. Andy and his gang returned to their house to find it trashed believing it to be Lenny and his friends but it was actually Marcus's son who trashed their house.

Seeking revenge, Andy and the other college kids went to Lenny's house to beat them up for this act. Marcus's son eventually confessed to everyone that he was the one that trashed the college students' house. After the confession, Andy and the other college kids decide to not only beat up Lenny and his friends but everyone in the party.

A fight begins with the college kids and the attendants at Lenny's party. Andy fights Lenny and beats him due to his athletic condition. Lenny's daughter Becky gives Andy her stuffed animal who then holds it. The deer who was fond of the stuffed animal earlier in the movie notices the toy in Andy's possession and charges at his groin. Andy and the other college kids retreated in defeat.