Stop! It looks like you two were doing whatever you liked but, that ends here! From here on out, the building’s guardian entrusted by executive chief Ellen Mathers—ME!
~ Andrew Carthy

Andrew Kersee Dunstan Francis Barbirolli or simply know as Andrew Carthy is a minor antagonist in Date A Live franchise that appears on Volume 7. He appears as a minor villain Episode 9 in Date A Live II, he appears only in Date A Live BD Volume 4.


Andrew Carthy is the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries' Wizard who was chosen by Ellen Mira Mathers to protect Tohka Yatogami in the Torture Chamber and prevent any attacker who is not an officer of the DEM Industries were killed and detained. He served as an internal security of the DEM Industries Building No.1 during of Battle of Tengu Heaven. He first appears when Ellen captured Tohka Yatogami in Tenou Event. He served Ellen Mathers as a security in the Torture Chamber and helped Ellen to question Tohka.

While Ellen asked questions to Tohka, Andrew protected the room and even tried to prevent Isaac Ray Peram Westcott in entering the room for security reasons, and he did everything to prevent Isaac Westcott entered the room, however, Andrew could not do anything about Isaac Westcott, since Andrew feared Isaac Westcott but also showed respect to Isaac. Like all other Wizards and officers of DEM Industries, Andrew have a Superior-Subordinate relationship with Isaac Westcott, and shows great loyalty to Ellen Mathers.

After Isaac Westcott have started the war out of the building, Ellen positioned all the security guards of the building on each perimeter. Ellen decided that Andrew should protect Torture Chamber and prevent any attacker enter in the room and save Tohka. Andrew was proud to be chosen by the Head of Second Executive Departament at DEM Industries, Ellen Mira Mathers, also know as the World's strongest Wizard.

When Miku and Shido arrived in the 18 floor of the building, Andrew intercepted Shido and Miku Izayoi, and even tried to make a speech to scare off the invaders, however, Miku and Shido crushed Andrew easily as an insect, and Andrew fell to the floor fainted due the attack of the angels Gabriel and Sandalphon.




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