Andrea Cornell is a recurring villain on Secrets and Lies. She is a police Detective from the Charlotte Mecklenberg County Police Department who is cold-hearted woman who is a by-the-book cop. She is not corrupted, but by the book cop who hides behind the law. That means, they only care about law and order. Mostly they end up alone and miserable and bitter. Andrea was so obsessed about the case against Ben Crawford who was suspected that he killed a 5 year old kid named Tom Murphy. We found out Tom was Ben's biological father. After a few episodes, Andrea figure out that Ben wasn't the killer, it was his daughter Abby. Ben would have do whatever it takes to protect Abby, so he took the blame and turned himself in. Andrea is so obsessed trying to put Abby away, she doesn't see the big picture. Ben cares about her daughter, took a bullet for her. Ben is not retracting his statement. Mostly Christy knew the story, she would have turned in Abby herself, but decided to leave town with her and protect her too. Ben died in prison to protect Abby, I don't want her live with the burden. Even if Andrea puts Abby behind bars, is it going to help her or the Murphy family or Ben's family. Andrea was obessed putting the right person behind bars, she didn't see the big picture. That is what cost her marriage and her ex-husband want nothing to do with her. She even arrested her own daughter Jennifer. Andrea wanted Jennifer wanted to do the right thing and make sure she pays for it. When she gets out, I hardly doubt Andrea is going to help her. Mostly she would keep Jennifer out of her house and away from her. She would make her stand in her two feet. Mostly that is what makes Andrea the villain in the series.

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