Give me what I want and I'll go away.
~ André Linoge
Born in sin, come on in.
~ André Linoge's famous catchphrase.

André Linoge is the main antagonist of Stephen King's TV miniseries Storm of the Century. He is a 4,000-year-old wizard who carries a cane with a silver wolf's head on top of it with him.

Linoge terrorizes the people of the small Maine town of Little Tall Island during a massive blizzard in the 1980s, ironically what they call the "storm of the century".

He was portrayed by Colm Feore.


Linoge kills a number of people and causes others to commit suicide. He also knows some of the townpeople's darkest secrets. He even causes others to have nightmares.

What Linoge desires is an heir, one of the 8 children in Little Tall he enchants. He reveals his true form (an impossibly ancient, dying man) and explains that, since he is not immortal nor a god, he needs someone to carry on his work once he can no longer do it himself. Linoge states that, "in matters such as this," he cannot simply take the child he desires, but he can punish. If the townspeople refuses his request, he threatens to force them to march into the sea two-by-two, as he claims to have done at Roanoke, Virginia centuries before. With that, he leaves the townspeople with one hour to make their decision. They decide to give in to his demand.

The child chosen to be given to him is Ralph Anderson, the son of town constable Mike Anderson. He then goes away with him. In time he has succeeded in his quest to to turn him into an creature like him.



  • Linoge's last name spells Legion, which some of the townspeople, including Mike Anderson, believed to be the mythological demon of Biblical tradition.
  • There is fan speculation that André Linoge and Randall Flagg are the same individual or possibly linked to each other.